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Heading & Heeling

  1. There will be 4 rounds, plus a short round

  2. Rope Barrier for Head Horses

  3. Scores are determined by two panel judges. For each run there are 70 points available per judge in the heading, 80 points available per judge in the heeling.

  4. Each participant is responsible for their roping partner, another futurity horse *may not* be used for the other half of the team.

  5. Anyone may be designated to ride futurity horses, but one person can only ride a maximum of four competition horses per division.

  6. Helpers can only help four entries on each side per division

  7. Owners can enter as many horses as desired

  8. A four year old may enter the futurity again as a five year old

  9. Only registered horses are accepted to compete. No grade horses may compete. Any registration that has a recognizable date of birth will be accepted.

  10. Age verification by a vet is not valid at this event

  11. Judges and event officials may inspect any and all horses, and equipment prior to, and during the event for inhumane or unsafe equipment.

  12. Random drug testing and registration verification can occur at any time

  13. There will be an arena director to keep the event moving along timely. The arena director has the authority to remove any person or horse from the arena. Their decision is final.

  14. Points will be deducted for a broken barrier. (There will be no barrier used for helper horses)

  15. Two loops per team

  16. All head catches must be legal: slick horns, neck, or half head.

  17. Any heeling catch is legal: one or two legs.

  18. End of arena rule on runs {the marker will be determined prior to event}

  19. Runs will be considered complete when both riders are dallied, horses facing in a straight line, and have all their feet on the ground.

  20. A no time will result in a zero on both score cards

  21. MTRA rules will apply to the event. Can be overruled by event directors or judges.

  22. All riders (including helpers) are expected to be in western attire during the competition; western boots, cowboy hat, button up collared shirt, and jeans.

  23. Each horse will have a saddle pad number, which must be visible at all times.

  24. Horses will compete in numerical order

  25. Please be appreciative to our many sponsors and helpers.

  26. Please be available to receive your award at the completion of the futurity.

  27. If the barrier malfunctions a rerun will be awarded by the barrier judge.

  28. In the case of an unfair opportunity with the steer the panel judge(s) has the authority to award a rerun.

  29. In the case of a tie in points at the end of each round, a panel judge will be designated as the “tie breaker judge”.

  30. There will be a 4 yr old division

  31. There will be a 5 and 6 yr old combined division

  32. There will be no cross entering permitted: 4 year olds may not compete in the 5 & 6 year old divisions


  1. Owners can enter as many horses as desired

  2. A participant can ride up to 4 entries

  3. All entries need a number on their saddle pad

  4. The competition will allow the rider to throw one loop

  5. End of arena rule

  6. Bell collar catch only

  7. Competition will have a rope barrier

  8. Rerun will be rewarded for unsuitable stock at flaggers discretion

  9. There will be two panel judges. Each judge can award 60 points per run

  10. The MRHF will adapt CCA Rodeo Event rules

  11. Each entry will get 4 runs plus top 10 to Short Round

Payout Information

  1. We will pay out a minimum of one spot for every five horses entered on either side.

  2. Rounds 1-4 will pay the highest point earner

  3. Added money and entry fees will be split equally for the number of horses entered on each side, once expenses have been paid out

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